Hatzinikolas has been certified by EOMMEX as a true pop artist, and is entitled to accompany his works with the distinction :
"Hellenic Handcrafted Creations"
The collection "Hellenic Handcrafted Creations" is an institution of group identity and visibility.
Created and implemented by EOMMEX (Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Handicraft) in close cooperation with Greek producers of handicrafts and art crafts. The presence of this label certifies that the product will get coexist functional - aesthetic values, well treatment and artisan Greek origin.
Works of art they really deserve to decorate your own spaces.
HATZINIKOLAS - Hellenic Handcrafted Creations
The mark of the collection is taken from a mosaic of the 1st BC century adorns the entrance of the "Dolphin House" on Delos. Two thousand years later, the theme of the mosaic comes alive to symbolize creativity, artistry and technical training of Greek artisans.