Beach Bar Restaurant "Xampelia"


George Hatzinikolas - Scondis

Xampelia, New Kydonia, 81100, Lesvos, Greece. Tel.: +30 2251094333


G. Hatzinikolaou
HATZINIKOLAS - An Original Folk Artist

George Hatzinicolaou, apart from being an excellent businessman as restaurant owner, is a talented folk artist and designer who creates three-dimensional paintings with seashells.

Hatzinikolas, who is gifted with an inexhaustible artistic spirit, puts one by one the shells, depending on their size and color in the right position and creates wonderful embossed paintings - mosaics, unique masterpieces of art, ideal for interior decoration.

The issues chosen are either traditional or religious, or from his own memories.

Beyond the tables Hatzinikolas creates with his shells, vases, crosses, mirrors, clocks and many other handmade utilitarian objects and decorative for interiors.

HATZINIKOLAS - An Original Folk Artist

Hatzinikolas has been certified by EOMMEX as a true pop artist, and is entitled to accompany his works with the distinction : "Hellenic Handcrafted Creations". The presence of this label certifies that the product will get coexist functional - aesthetic values, well treatment and artisan Greek origin

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