Beach Bar Restaurant "Xampelia"


George Hatzinikolas - Scondis

Xampelia, New Kydonia, 81100, Lesvos, Greece. Tel.: +30 2251094333


G. Hatzinikolaou

About 25 km far from Mytilene, on the main road to Mantamados at the homonym region, is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants of the island named "Xampelia", operating since 1980 under the direction of George Hadzinicolaou.

A visit to "Xampelia" Beach Bar Restaurant indemnify the most demanding visitor, because there, he will taste the local cuisine, with homemade dishes prepared with care and respect for tradition of the island, all made always with fresh local ingredients and in accordance to the wishes of the consumers.

Since 2006, in modernizing the company, created in the same area a nice Beach Bar-Cafe giving the opportunity for the visitors to enjoy the crystal clear sea and all amenities of an organized beach with free umbrellas and sunbeds. The company has the ability to host events such as receptions, weddings, christenings, since it has great room and large outdoor spaces landscaped appropriately.

The easy access of the place, the ample parking, the magnificent beach with friendly and warm sea water, the serene landscape, the beach bar cafeteria that serves the swimmers, plus the sophisticated cuisine with low prices, are some of the good reasons it deserves to select "Xampelia" as one of your destinations for this summer.